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House Renovation Design Tips

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

We will shed some light into the renovation world by giving you some tips on our website blog. Some of these tip are valuable so make sure to read the whole blog post to understand the concept behind having great renovation design ideas.

Having your bathroom done

When you start a house renovation and need some tips on getting the best possible design from your home, you have come to the right place. It can sometimes be a hard decision as to what design to use for your home renovation, but once you get some push into the right direction, it will be much easier to get a great design made.

First Step

Once you have some sort of idea of the bathroom that you need, you can begin to start making a plan on how your bathroom will be looking. This type of plan can be made by using software online even, programs such as Auto-cad are able to make your designs for you. Its simple to use auto-cad, all you need to do is take a few courses on how auto-cad works and you can then start making your own bathroom designs.

Bathroom Designs

There are a bunch of different designs that you can pick for your bathroom, such designs should only be made by you, never let some sort of builder think of the design for you. Making a design is simple especially nowadays when you have the internet to look for inspiration. Your bathroom design can be made from different factors, such as thinking about either you need a new toilet, tub basin or get a whole new shower cabin. All these should be taken with design in mind because sometimes you can add lots of things into your bathroom but in the end result it wont look so nice to the naked eye. Make sure to also hire a design specialist when thinking of your own design because it can become almost a job to think about this sort of stuff, so if you have the budget for it, be sure to hire your own design assistant.

Is it Needed?

When making up your own design, you could be tempted to throw in as much things as you can, but this is usually a bad thing to do. You can get carried away and start adding unnecessary things to your bathroom which will make it look much smaller in the end result. Also adding not needed items to your bathroom will result in you spending much more money that you really had to spend. Simple designs are sometimes even better than large big complex designs. If you have a look nowadays modern designs just consist of a couple of things which are necessary.

Essential Bathroom Design items

There are certain things in a bathroom design that are essential to adding or removing to make it look more modern. One such thing can be for example your old toilet, the toilet is usually added in to the house initially when the house is made and this could have been 20 or 30 years ago, all depends on how old your house really is. A good rule we go by is if your hove is over 25 years old, make sure to change the toilet when you get your house renovation done. An old toilet in a house will look horrible with a new modern shower for example. Toilets can become an expensive item to replace, so be sure to have a good think if you need to replace it or not. If it fits in your budget and you are happy to replace a toilet, make sure to pick the right one for you. Nowadays there are lots of different toilet designs and toilet styles. Some toilets can be seated, and some even standing or on a 45 degree to make it look a little bit more modern.

Picking your Shower

When picking out your shower in a bathroom renovation, make sure to think about a couple of things, firstly is it needed? A shower can be a costly thing to replace and will require some time. A shower replacement will also cost a lot to get the labor done by the builders that you hired for the bathroom renovation. Since you cant just swap out a shower so easily, a couple of things are left behind, like when you swap out the shower, most of the times the shower plumbing fittings will be different and will have to be remade. To remake these shower fittings it will require your builder to fully remake all the shower fittings and this usually costs quite a bit of money.

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