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We have been fixing peoples home  for the past 15 years on the job. House renovations come at a first to us.


Bathroom renovations are one of our strong point, we also do the plumbing in your bathrooms when needed.


We have a full team fo qualified plumbers available here at The Renovation Crew. Plumbing is essential in every bathroom.


What good is a house that doe not have its wall painted? No good! So we do all the painting for you after all our renovation jobs.


Our business also has a great Flooring team available. We are here to install any type of floors for you, starting from wooden to laminate.



THE RENOVATION CREW has been around for about 15 years now. We are a house renovation business that makes sure that your house will get its full renovation done. Our company is focused on helping the homes of all our Irish home owners, no matter what house you have, we are here to fix it. If you have any leaks or house problems, be sure to drop us a message on 087 45 34560

Our Recent Reviews

Absolutely stunning job done by these guys, they installed new wooden floors for me and mu husband, really loving it. Really nice lads working there, even gave me a few tips after the job was done on how to keep the floors looking new.-Jennifer collins

Sean was a great help to us, nice and polite with great manners. He and his college painted our whole house in under a day and made it look much better than it did before, will recommend to all.

Brian O'Neil

The team were great, we gout our whle house renovation done by them. Was surprised by how cheap it was also. Sean did a lovely painting job of our whole house and cleaned up all the mess afterwards, deffo recommended.      

Ryan Scully

One of the best and most professional services i have got in Dublin for a long time. They did all the  plastering for us since our old plaster was falling apart and they did it quickly too. Will recommend to all and thank you for the amazing service, keep it up.Brian O'Neil

Lovely work done by THE renovation crew, came to my house and fixed up a leaking tap in a matter of minutes. Prices were fair and cheaper than any other places that we got our house fixed at.

-Laura Dogherty

Hi, Thanks for getting our house looking nice and new. I love the new kitchen design, much more space and modern looking now. Also brilliant job on the kitchen decor and the new flooring upstairs, great choise of patterns. Will recommend to all my family and friends, thanks again.



We are aware that there are many different house renovation company's in Dublin. But we can assure you that we are one of the best in business. Having 15 years in this business is a great advantage for us since after all these years we have picked up all the tips and tricks that there are to making houses look beautiful. We also have some of the best staff members and we have our friendly staff policy which means that you can be assured that your builder will be nice and presentable and speak good English.


Also most of our staff have been through safety courses to ensure that the best practices are used safely when doing any type of job in your home. Our company is also insured, which means that even in the rare occasion that something goes wrong, you will not suffer as the insurance company will totally cover the costs. If you read some of our reviews that we have mentioned above, you will get a good idea that we are trust able and responsible workers, make sure to call us today for a free online quote.

Renovation TiPS

When getting a renovation done in your home, you might have many worries in mind,but with our help we will make sure that you wont have a question left to thank about.So to start off, getting a house renovation in Ireland is essential mainly because you need to have a better looking house than it is right now. But also when you get a house renovation done, don't forget that your house value is also increasing and once you plan to sell your home the price will be much much higher than you could initially sell it at.


When getting a house renovation done, make sure to pick yourself a good builder that has a lot of proof of working in this trade before. Once you get your builder for the house renovation job, make sure to as him or her for previous reference, that way to can definitely tell if he is the right pick for you. Once you picked out the builder, make sure to get a quote from them and try to knock down the price as much as you can, since if its a big company they might charge you much more for smaller jobs. Usually small Local companies that work only in your area are more affordable to hire since they have less clients and business to deal with.

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